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Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility

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Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility

Another average compatibility would be the Aquarius Aquarius compatibility. Although both parties in the relationship are of the same zodiac signs, they’re not among the types of relationships who have the best compatibility, and it can be said that they’re also not among the worst ones. Below is a closer analysis of the Aquarius Aquarius compatibility​

Aquarius Aquarius compatibility:

Aquarius is most commonly symbolized by the water bearer or water carrier. In Astrology, Aquarius is considered a masculine zodiac. It is also considered a positive or extrovert sign. People who have the Aquarius sign are believed to be shy, sensitive, patient, and gentle. They are also very opinionated and outspoken, so saying what they want to say is not a problem for them. Aquarians are also usually intelligent, logical, and cool. They also love to set the trend than follow it. Another characteristic of Aquarius is that there are times when they love to be alone, because they prefer to have quiet times in between busy schedules. Being a zodiac sign with the element of air, people with the Aquarius zodiac sign are best paired with zodiacs of the same element such as Libra or Gemini. This doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t pair well with their fellow Aquarius.

Aquarians are very outgoing and are socially active. Because of this, they easily count on every person they meet as their friend. Because Aquarians are socially active, pairing with a fellow Aquarian may result to a relationship that is filled with fun and excitement. A partner Aquarian will very much understand the ideology of having an alone time, since he or she would want that as well. Furthermore, fellow Aquarians would value and respect freedom and individuality, some traits that Aquarians usually have.

Since Aquarians are playful in nature, their relationships may not contain too much intensity. Because of this, they might end up having a superficial kind of relationship. The good thing, however, is that their relationship will never go deep into boredom, since Aquarius Aquarius compatibility would always find ways on how to make their relationship as fun and as active as possible. Although the bond will not be one with too much warmth or passion, it will be one that is very forthcoming and relaxing, and one that will not be subject to resentment and possessiveness.

Aquarius Aquarius compatibility

The parties in the Aquarius Aquarius compatibility are more often than not irregular, and this trait can actually aggravate them both. If not solved soon, it could potentially lead to serious problems that both might find hard to resolve. Aquarians should learn how to understand each other and should learn how to compromise. When enough efforts have been exerted by both parties, then problems may begin to veer away from the relationship.