Aquarius Pisces



Aquarius Pisces

Aquarius Pisces: Will Logic and Emotion Jive Together? Every zodiac sign has their own traits that can resemble the people that were born under them. This is the basis for the compatibility matches in Astrology. Because they are so accurate, people can believe that they are true. Using astrology to predict your love life is not a bad thing, as long as you do not rely on it entirely. It may cloud your judgment and feelings for your partner. Still, it is fun to look of what your future with your partner could be, using the help of the stars.

This article will discuss the Aquarius Pisces Compatibility. Will the logical Water Bearer be a good fit for the emotional Fish? These two signs are both explosive, but not in the same frequency. Pisces is ruled by emotions, so the action that this sign takes is based on what is felt. On the other hand, Aquarius sees things in an objective manner. The way that these two tackle situations are extremely different. Pisces would let emotions take over and do the things that they feel right. Aquarius would resort the most logical approach. This can cause conflicts in their relationships. Intimacy could also be a problem with this pair.

Aquarius Pisces

Aquarius tends to be aloof and would prefer to be alone at times. Pisces is requiring constant affection and attention from Aquarius. Aquarius may find it hard to keep with this demand, because independence is inherent in this sign. Pisces might feel inadequate because Aquarius is not constantly there. The Water Bearer might think that the fish is too clingy, thus ending the relationship ultimately. An Aquarius Man and a Pisces Woman’s chances of establishing a stable relationship is relatively slim. At first, they will find attraction because she will see him as a free spirit. His way of thinking will stimulate her and will make her rely more on logic. As they get closer, however, she will find that he is too distant and will not be able to meet what her heart desires. Her constant need for him to be there will give him the impression that she is too dependent and clingy.

An Aquarius Woman and a Pisces Man’s relationship can be tricky as well. He can be offended because she has a lot of “friends” that she wants to spend time with. He will be in constant need of an intimate relationship, which will push her away. Her desire not to be held back by anyone will frustrate him. Space and boundary issues are always lurking, which can drive them apart as time goes by.

In conclusion, the Aquarius Pisces Compatibility does not promise anything that is stable for the years to come. Although long-term relationships are somewhat unlikely, it can still work if both of the partners are willing to sacrifice for each other. Aquarius must stop being too detached and Pisces must respect the Aquarius’ need for space. If they are able to do this, there is a chance that they can make this relationship work.  


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