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Aries And Cancer

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/09/2015 - 10:26

Cancer and Aries

There is a saying that opposites attract and this is true with cancer and aries compatibility. The former is a fire sign that is known to be freedom loving and loves excitement while the latter is a water sign and is known to value his or her home and is very affectionate. There a number of contrasts between these two signs and the most glaring ones are Aries’ penchant for being aggressive and not being a devoted mate. On the other hand, Cancer people value intimacy very much and are dependent emotionally with their mates. To some people, this is a mismatch but this union will survive if there is a mutual understanding between the two.

This relationship may hang in the balance, but if Cancer people are able to adjust their mood swings and Arians are able to limit their need to go out, then things may just work for both parties. cancer and aries compatibility will turn for the better if the former is able to teach the latter about how to be independent and how the latter can teach the former on how to be compassionate. It takes two to tango and it will take time for these two to get along, so they should be cautious with their moves especially with regard to their relationship. Since Arians thrive in excitement, they may show affection to their Cancer mates initially, but the danger is that Aries people may lose interest in the long run.

This can be disastrous for Cancer people because they will isolate themselves in their shells feeling inadequate for a long time. Arians should learn that Cancer people are sensitive and live in a dream world that they may not understand. At times, they may get irritated and leave their mates hanging in the air, but despite the apparent heartlessness of Arians, Cancer people try to hold on as much as possible.

Aries Cancer compatibility may not be the best compared to the other zodiac signs, but at its best, these two different people may be able to go beyond their differences. If Arians are able to learn how to empathize and open up their emotional depths, then they may become more feeling individuals. On the other hand, Cancer people may learn a thing or two on how to face their fears and win when they take risks. Adjusting to each other may take some time because Arians are known to be highly aggressive and are full of spontaneity while Cancer partners are more deliberate in their movements and tend to be shy. Cancer individuals will be attracted to Arians because they are youthful in their outlook and very confident.

However, Aries Cancer compatibility may take a hit if Cancer people are deeply hurt by their Arian mates’ thoughtlessness and carefree nature. Aries people may never understand the reason these people are overly sensitive and can take them for granted. Still, there are chances for this union to succeed and both cancer and Aries people should be willing to make some sacrifices for the sake of their relationship.