Aries Capricorn



Aries Capricorn

The Low Down on Aries Capricorn Compatibility What do you get when you put a fire sign like Aries and an earth sign like Capricorn together? You get a combination that may not be too bad, yet may not always be great either. Sometimes there are zodiac signs compatibilities that are not “written in the stars”, so to speak, and Aries Capricorn compatibility may be a good example of this.Fire and earth themselves are made of so different stuff that it’s not a surprise that Aries and Capricorn compatibility is not all that like some pairings. Just think of the totally differing characteristics of the elements of these two signs: fire, which is volatile and hot-blooded, and earth, which is stable and constant. When paired, these two make for an interesting couple.

Aries Capricorn are headstrong, very motivated, and goal-oriented people. Those are great qualities that they have in common, however, they tend to differ in their methods, and that can become one of the sources of conflict and tension in their relationship. You have the Capricorn individual, who is very structured and loves to plan and define goals and the roadmap of how to get there. Then you have the Aries individual who is all about freedom, independence, and creativity. Strict and structured plans and paths are not exactly the Aries person’s style, while the Capricorn person thrives in stability and consistency. Sounds like fire and earth, right? The Aries partner may find it difficult to adjust to the very defined, traditional, and orderly world that the Capricorn partner loves, and the Capricorn person may find it hard to adjust to the whims and impulsive tendencies of the Aries person.

However, there is a silver lining to this interesting relationship. The Capricorn individual can learn to let loose and experience the passion and enthusiasm and liveliness that the Aries individual can bring to the table. In turn, Aries can learn a little about being organized and patient from the Capricorn partner. Needless to say, each one has to be very accepting and patient with the other for the relationship to work. If you have a Capricorn man and an Aries woman, you can expect a lot of either clashes or compromises, depending on how each of them would handle things. This is the stereotypical coupling of a stable and structured man and a highly spontaneous and expressive woman. They need to make compromises in order for their relationship to work. If you have a Capricorn woman and an Aries man, you also can expect either clashes and conflict or compromises and adjustments from both sides. The Capricorn woman may find it hard to cope with the aggressiveness and impulsiveness of the Aries man. They are also both headstrong and will say what they have in mind if they have to.

The Aries Capricorn compatibility and combination is definitely a challenging one for both parties, but it is impossible for the relationship to work. Both parties will really have to pitch in and work hard for the relationship to last.  

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