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Cancer and Libra

Submitted by admin on Mon, 07/13/2015 - 14:07
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Cancer And Libra

Generally, people born under air signs will find difficulty in dealing with those who were born under water sign. Such is the case of Cancer And Libra compatibility and both signs have to pass through many mine fields in order for their relationship to succeed. Although this may be a difficult combination, Libra and Cancer can co-exist and have a loving relationship. First, Cancer is sensitive and has a supportive and loving nature while Libra relies on logical thinking and is a master of romance. Both signs value harmony and will do everything to have a relationship that will work wonders for them.  


Incidentally, Cancer women fall in love with Libra men because they have logical solutions to most of the problems plaguing the world. They are drawn with Libra men’s enthusiasm and their charming smile not to mention their wit. Some books say that romance originated from Libra so it is easy for Cancer women to easily fall for them. Cancer And Libra compatibility will not encounter much trouble because both knows how to maintain their relationship although Libra men can worry their mates because of their carelessness. On the other hand, Cancer women will attract Libra men because they are very determined and have purpose with regard to their career and sound money management.

Furthermore, they are intrigued with the initial shyness of Cancer women, but they will feel like a king because their Cancer mates are totally devoted and will stick with them no matter what happens. Also, Libra men will all the more be enamored with their Cancer partners because of their caring and understanding nature. Although Cancer women can be quite pessimistic, Libra men are the perfect antidote because they are optimists. On the other hand, if Libra men are depressed with things happening in their lives, Cancer women will be their pillar of strength and make wise decisions for them. Still, problems may happen in their relationship and Libra men have to watch out for their frankness because this could cause their mates to become very icy and indifferent.

Additionally, Cancer And Libra compatibility may take a hit if Libra males criticize their partners too much, so it is better for them to be sensitive and be careful with what they say. A seamless relationship is in the works if a Libra man praises his Cancer partner more often. The good thing about this man is that he does not have any ego issues and he knows how to respect and uplift his Cancer partner. One common denominator between the two is that they value romance and treat each other like royalty. Cancer women have this need to be protected and it is a good thing that Libra males will supply that in abundance. On another front, Cancer women are notorious for their mood swings, but Libra men are the perfect foil because they are able to soothe their feelings through their charms. Still, they will remind their Cancer mates not to nag them most of the time and they may ask for space.