Cancer and Virgo



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Cancer And Virgo


People who are born under the earth sign of Virgo are analytical, intelligent, and shy and consider themselves to be perfectionists. They are quite the opposite of Cancer individuals, who can be quite sensitive, insecure, and crave for attention. Still, Cancer And Virgo compatibility can go places because they are able to complement one another. Although Cancer individuals may seem hesitant to make the first move, they will become passionate and tenacious once they are able to ignite the passion with their Virgo mates. Both signs do not go out that much, preferring the company of family and loved ones.


One thing going for Cancer And Virgo compatibility is that although both are introverts, they are not shy in expressing their love for each other. A Cancer male and his Virgo mate are old-fashioned and may shun unconventional ways on how to enjoy themselves. Generally, a union like this will last a lifetime because of the genuine respect that Virgo and Cancer have for each other. However, this does not mean that life for these two signs will be routine or boring. In fact, there are many surprises in store for Cancer and Virgo mates once they decide to stay in one roof. Incidentally, Cancer and Virgo will mesh with each other because they are both very loyal and take commitment very seriously. As long as Cancer people are able to provide for Virgo individuals their needs the former in return will shower the latter with his or her devotion that leads to contentment of both parties. Moreover, both signs will built a comfortable home and provide emotional stability to their children. Virgo people are very organized with details and will keep their homes clean while Cancer will be the soul of motherhood and even the men will hover around to provide protection. The confidence of Virgo women will be given a boost once Cancer men shower them with love.

Cancer And Virgo compatibility will go places if they complement each other, but once in awhile, both may be critical of each other. Cancer and Virgo people are critical by nature and have to watch out for needless arguments or hotly- debated discussions. Speaking of problems, Cancer and Virgo people think differently wherein the former relies on his or her emotions while Virgo people does not throw caution to the winds and are overly pragmatic. Virgo people can hurt Cancer individuals emotionally this way. Another irritant is Cancer’s mood swings that Virgo may hate very much. These are real hassles that both signs must watch out for, but if there are fewer criticisms Cancer Virgo compatibility will encounter fewer problems. It is best to remember for both sides that neither one wants to be criticized much less be corrected. This is most especially true for Virgo people since they are perfectionists while Cancer people are overly sensitive to criticisms. Romance will burn brightly for these two if they are able to control the urge to criticize and acknowledge that they have their weaknesses.