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Cancer Aquarius

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Cancer Aquarius

With Cancer and Aquarius, it’s a case of head meeting heart. Aquarius is the cool intellectual of the Zodiac, while Cancer is highly intuitive and emotional. It’s an unlikely pairing, once you get past the initial attraction: the characteristically distant and detached Water Bearer will find the Crab too clingy, and the Crab will certainly not find the stability he or she needs with free-wheeling Aquarius. Water and Air are two very different elements, after all, so it should come as no surprise that a match based on Cancer Aquarius compatibility is often unsustainable in the long run.


A Crab may initially find the Water Bearer’s mysterious glamour intriguing, and Aquarius might admire the determination and constancy of Cancer, but the differences between the two are obvious at the outset. Cancer feels emotions keenly, seeks a stable home, and is very closely attached to a limited circle of people, often their family. Aquarians need freedom and independence, are guided by reason even in love, and, while very friendly with a lot of people, will have real attachments to nearly no-one. In a relationship, Aquarius’s many friendships with people of both sexes will tend to make the Crab feel insecure, while Cancer’s constant need for love, attention and assurance can make their Aquarian partner feel as though too much is being demanded of them. Other causes of divisiveness will be the Crab’s nostalgia, for Aquarius abhors clinging tightly to the past;

Aquarius’s absentmindedness and their undiplomatic, ungentle way with the truth, which may very well hurt their sensitive partner; and the difficulty Cancer will have simply making a connection with one who habitually holds themselves apart from their feelings. Where the Crab will lavish care and attention upon a single, special person, Aquarius will turn their love on the world, often espousing wide-reaching causes rather than singling out individuals. The list of incompatibilities could go on and on (conservative Cancer and liberal Aquarius; the homebody and the life of the party; a yearning for romance and a prioritizing of friendship before love), with the simple result that a first date between the two could very well be the last. These signs can be just too emotionally and psychologically dissimilar. There are things that they can learn from each other, however.

Aquarius can teach Cancer to be objective, to think with the head rather than the heart, and to let go of what happened in the past. And an Aquarian can learn tenderness and compassion from their Cancer partner, as well as an appreciation for roots and histories. Cancer Aquarius compatibility, difficult as it is to maintain, can lead to a partnership where each member brings out new traits and dimensions in the other. This relationship, if it is to work, needs special attention, and requires that the differences between the two signs be acknowledged. Aquarius and Cancer are both ambitious and determined, and, by dint of shared effort, respect, compromise and adjustment on both parts, can make theirs a special union.


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