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Cancer Capricorn

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Cancer Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn: these two can be fantastic together, but entering this relationship could be dangerous. Typically, an Earth sign and a Water sign will work well together, but these signs are Earth and Water directly opposite each other in the Zodiac. Cancer Capricorn compatibility is an interesting study in give-and-take.


It is not hard to see where this match could go wrong. Rational Capricorn may fail to understand Cancer’s excessive emotions, while soulful Cancer may feel neglected by a partner who is habitually reserved when it comes to showing love. Both signs are strong-willed: the Goat likes holding the top position in any situation and will fight to maintain it, and the Crab, while not fond of overtly exerting dominance, prefers to lead rather than to be led. A fierce competitiveness can arise between the two, and that, plus an unwillingness to give in to a partner can become points for contention. There is, however, an undeniable attraction between the two signs, and a lasting relationship is possible as long as both partners are willing to adapt – the key here is usually sensitivity on Capricorn’s part and patience on Cancer’s.

Cancer Capricorn compatibility is, in the best case, embodied by a driven, successful couple who share a very real, very solid chemistry. The Crab can find strength and stability in the Goat, and is often impressed by their partner’s ambition. Capricorns, on the other hand, may find the caring, loving Cancer to be just what they need: Cancer will offer understanding to the sign that so often feels itself to be misunderstood. Both these signs are habitually consistent and loyal, and they share good economic sense. A home shared by these two will be well-managed, and surrounded by beautiful things that appeal to Cancer’s soul and to Capricorn’s need for physical proofs of status and success. The two are hard workers and will go the distance once they figure out what they want, unafraid to do what it takes to achieve a goal. Also, there is typically a strong sexual attraction between them. Their relationship will be significant, even if it does not last a lifetime.

This pairing can be unstable: it is not uncommon for Cancers and Capricorns to repeatedly fight and make up if they cannot find a way to smooth over their differences. The Goat is stubborn and hard to budge, especially if he or she feels that a decision has been satisfactorily rationalized. And the Crab can hold grudges for a very long time before finally letting loose at an unsuspecting partner who thought that the issues was resolved long ago. It cannot be overemphasized that communication and tolerance on both parts are needed in this pairing. Disputes between the two can go on for a very long time as neither sign will let go of an issue until they are completely satisfied with the result. If they have the patience to see their discussions through, however, the wait and words will be worth it.


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