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Cancer Pisces

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Cancer Pisces

There is a very good chance that things will work out well between Cancer and Pisces. When together in love, these two Water signs get along swimmingly. At its best, their relationship is the stuff of romance novels: a rich, highly-rewarding partnership with both parties understanding each other so completely and implicitly that sometimes they won’t even need words to communicate.


The Cancer Pisces compatibility should come as no surprise. These two signs fit each other remarkably well and have excellent rapport. Both are intuitive, emotional rather than logical or analytical. Each understands the other’s need to love and be loved, as well as their mutual craving for commitment, security, and stability. They love the home, and share an appreciation of art and music. Of course, fixed Cancer and mutable Pisces have their differences, but these usually aren’t so great as to form an insurmountable barrier to a deeply fulfilling relationship. In this union of two dreamers, practical considerations will sometimes take the backseat. At least one of them will need to be grounded in the real world so that they do not come to grief. It is often Cancer who takes on this role for Pisces is the more fanciful of the two signs: the Fish is an imaginative dreamer to the Crab’s imaginative worker.

This is especially true with regards to finances, as Pisces has a laid back attitude towards money, while Cancer tends to plan ahead in this respect. Docile Pisces will willingly follow where Cancer leads, and their need for emotional and sensual reassurance is well addressed by the Crab’s nurturing nature. Pisces is a social creature, more so than family-oriented Cancer. In this relationship, a Fish could very well draw the Crab out into their larger circle of friends and acquaintances. The flipside of this, however, is that it is possible for a Pisces to place less importance the things that Cancer values, such as anniversaries and birthdays. This could lead to contention, true, but the two generally will have such an excellent understanding of each other that the Crab will quickly forgive the genuinely repentant Fish.

Pisces and Cancer can both have mood swings (though this is especially true for the moody Crab), days when things seem foul for no particular reason, and the best remedy for this is for them to have alone time – as individuals, not as a couple – in order to recharge. The main fly in the ointment for Cancer Pisces compatibility is that when problems between the partners arise, they will tend to take the escape route rather than facing the reality of the situation. This means that they will maintain a happy façade, even to themselves, while an overly sentimental Pisces continues to find emotional and physical validation in dalliances with other people, and insecure Cancer clings fiercely to their partner, in the grim hope that things will get better. Partners should try to face their demons instead of running off to a fantasy world where all is well.


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