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Cancer Sagittarius

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Cancer Sagittarius

At first glance, Cancer and Sagittarius seem to be at odds with each other, with the cautious, side-stepping Crab clashing with the Archer’s bold directness. In many cases, this is true. Friction is to be expected between a Water sign and a Fire sign of the Zodiac, and these two are especially different from each other. Reserved Cancer values stability, and takes pleasure in the little things that make up a secure home. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is outgoing and fiercely independent, and is consequently often detached and doesn’t want to put down family roots. Their basic philosophies in life are so dissimilar that some advise that these two signs should avoid attempting a long-term relationship altogether.


In the worst case, their otherness can be the cause of strain on Cancer Sagittarius compatibility. The Archer may find the security-minded Crab to be too clingy, and smothering to their highly-prized individuality. Also, pairing up a natural flirt like your typical Sagittarius with a naturally envious sign like Cancer can cause problems all around. And a Sagittarius will simply never stay put. They will want to move on when they start to get bored, and then woe betides the staid Crab who is trying to make a comfortable home with their partner. An argument between these two could begin with a blunt, careless comment from undiplomatic Sagittarius deeply hurting overly sensitive Cancer. The conflict would only escalate once it comes out that the Crab thinks the Archer is frivolous and superficial, and that Sagittarius feels that all their partner’s emotional drama is simply dragging them down. But this does not mean that this pairing never works.

Cancer Sagittarius compatibility is possible, and it can become a lovely thing when enough effort and understanding is put into the relationship. Their very differences can attract them to each other: Sagittarius’s passionate, fun-loving spirit will fascinate the staid Cancer, and the fiery Archer will find the Crab’s gentle approach endearing. The trick here is making it last. With a continued appreciation of each other’s good qualities, and a willingness to adapt, these two signs can bring out traits in each other that neither thought possible. If Cancer is willing to ease up a little and allow their partner more freedom, Sagittarius can draw them out of their shell to help them become more open to the prospect of change. And a Sagittarius who is willing to take on more responsibility and cultivate an interest in family may find that Cancer can provide them a stable home to return to between their adventures. Communication is the key here, especially since these are two very different people. It needs to be emphasized that this pairing needs work in order to be successful. By dint of effort, and, sometimes, by coming up with creative solutions to their incompatibilities, a Cancer and Sagittarius couple can be happy together. Their seemingly opposing natures can come together to create a union that is a pleasurable mix of peace and passion.


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