Gemini and Aquarius



Gemini And Aquarius

Keeping Up with Each Other Gemini and Aquarius. The Twins and the Water Bearer. Both belonging to the air element. According to astrologers, this is definitely a match made in zodiac heaven! Gemini And Aquarius Compatibility boasts a lot of potential; that couples with this zodiac pairing will have a relationship that is worth keeping. Why is this so?

A Gemini is characterized as having a fleeting, carefree, and happy-go-lucky attitude in life. He values social interactions and the importance of having fun; which are values that an Aquarius firmly believes in as well. The restlessness of the Gemini is matched by the restlessness of the Aquarius, but it is not the type of restlessness that leads to frustration and fatigue in a relationship but rather the kind of restlessness that fuels each other’s curiosity, leading to numerous adventures and wonderful experiences. They like discovering new things, experimenting, and being unconventional; for them there is no such thing as taboo. Relationship-wise, they both value each other’s independence, that even though they are a couple, they still have friends outside the relationship and that they should also spend time with them. This is a good thing since both zodiac signs are natural communicators and eager to mingle and make friends with others, usually accompanied by flirting.

However, the Aquarius’ stability and control over situations balances out this flirty nature of the Gemini.   As water is known to calm the nerves due to its soothing effect; an Aquarius lives up to this comparison, exuding a cool and subtle disposition most of the time, which the Gemini quickly adapts to without it coming of as boring or monotonous. Also, both the Gemini and Aquarius possess very high intellect, which is the spark that catches their eyes towards each other. This level of intellect allows them to have conversations ranging from very shallow small talk to deep and meaningful exchanges.   The only problem that could pose a threat to this almost perfect pair is that their carefree spirits often lead to carelessness and a lack of discipline, such as forgetting to do very simple household chores. Combined with their flexibility regarding situations, they usually allow these minor setbacks to pass, eventually turning into major complications in the relationship. Remember that Aquarius is a tactless person and you may be the target of his/her ramblings which usually contain harsh and straightforward words. To remedy this, just keep in mind to practice control and discipline between the two of you.

Gemini Aquarius Compatibility is extremely high, to the point that the two could very well be soul mates. Even if the relationship does not last, there is a high probability that a Gemini and an Aquarius will continue to be close friends as both do not bear grudges and dislike emotional mess. Keep in mind that in your relationship, the restlessness could be overwhelming and the physical and mental stimulation between the two of you may never stop; during these times, just go with the flow, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. For sure, you’ll be blessed with a passionate and stable companionship that has infinite potential for growth.