Gemini and Libra



Gemini And Libra

Gemini And Libra Balancing the Twins

You happen to go on a blind date. You met a girl, and were pretty smitten by her. So you approached her. Using that Gemini charm of yours, you engaged in conversation. You exchanged contact details and upon arriving home, you did some research and found out that she was a Libra. This was when you did some reading on Gemini And Libra Compatibility.

A Gemini And Libra relationship is a pairing that receives fairly positive statements from astrologers. With both signs having air as their element, both have similar likes and views regarding love and companionship. It is an ideal partnership since both signs are intellectually well-suited, leading to strong and fun conversations that never have a boring moment; this is important since a Libra values the excitement that comes from being together and sharing moments and memories. Both have passionate temperaments, may it come to work, art, play, or love. Sometimes, these passions may become difficult for both signs to control, leading to slight arguments and restlessness.

Also, when it comes to jealousy, there is no need to worry as both Gemini and Libra aren’t the jealous type; both have an attitude that is willing to compromise, to understand and to be considerate towards their partner.Communication is one of the strong points in a Gemini-Libra relationship, since both are intellectual and have a flair for starting engaging and worthwhile conversations. Both enjoy stimulating their minds through social interactions or mental exercises. This is strengthened by the fact that Libra and Gemini like to go out and interact with other people, dine at fancy restaurants, go to shopping malls and simply have a good time. When it comes to role in relationships and in the household, expect the Libra to be in charge.

This is due to Libra’s high energy and its liking to be a leader. Paired with the happy-go-lucky, go with the flow Gemini, the relationship is bound to be harmonious. Just be careful with Gemini being too complacent, that it comes off as having no interest in whatever activity or decision making. As for sex, expect it to be steamy, hot and fun. Due to both having intense energy levels and an affinity for fun, sex life would never be dull as both would want to experiment and do different kinds of things in the bedroom. Expect sex to be unpredictable, going to extreme levels of wild to even crude. Prepare your endurance as you wouldn’t want your partner’s high levels of energy go to waste.  

Generally, Gemini And Libra Compatibility can be associated with warmth and a happy marriage that is ideal for raising kids. The relationship will be full of satisfaction for both individuals. The major problem that the couple may face is that Gemini takes a while to find comfort and settle down in a permanent relationship whereas a Libra quickly adapts to the situation and finds his or her state. Other than that, maintain the fun communication and keep the passion burning and your relationship would be a breeze.   Being the adventurous Gemini that you are, you want to go out, take on the world, and do anything that you set your mind upon. Looking for love that has the same adventurous soul as you? Then you might want to consider Gemini And Sagittarius compatibility.