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Gemini Cancer

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Gemini and Cancer

Gemini and Cancer are two rare combinations where there are hardly any similarities between them. Hence their paring as a couple makes for a curious case itself. Gemini are usually intellectual people who like creativity, free space and intellectual; conversations while Cancer is a sun sign who are also smart and intelligent but not in an academic way like Gemini’s. Hence this makes it all the more interesting combination. Gemini are not only intellectual but they are also very experimental and adventurous while Cancer are sporty people who likes to do new things with their partner. Hence Cancer may get attracted to the experimental and adventurous nature of Gemini along with Gemini’s perfection and intelligence being icing on the cake.

Gemini may appreciate the flexible nature and caring attitude of cancer. Gemini is more straightforward in the relationship and he/she is always a good communicator, add to it the chivalrous nature of Gemini and this will surely help to break the ice between the couple in the initial stages. Cancer is more emotional and sensitive than Gemini and may sometimes get hurt due to Gemini not being that sensitive or emotional towards the partner. Trouble may arise between these couple if Gemini does not provide enough love and intimacy in the relationship which cancer craves for a lot. Trouble may also arise if Cancer does not try to understand the not-so practical and secretive nature of Gemini. Both the partners need to be flexible in order to strengthen their relationship. In this relationship, Cancer is the more protective one while Gemini is a thinker so he is the one who takes major decisions in their relationship. While Cancer’s are known for being amazingly sensuous on the bed, being good cooks and providing lots of care.

All these things are highly appreciated by Gemini partner. What Cancer needs is just assurance from his/her partner that he/she is highly loved and cherished by its Gemini partner. Differences may arise when Gemini feels burdened and pressurized by the over possessiveness of Cancer which may lead to fights and arguments. Differences may also arise if Cancer starts to feel that he/she is ignored by its Gemini partner and when Gemini seems to be secretive and hiding things from its cancer partner. While Cancer is a water sign and Gemini being an air sign, if they work together they can become an amazing couple together who can have lots of fun.

However differences or trouble arises when they have to co-operate with each other which even though sounds easy but is tough for this couple because these two signs come from totally two different places with totally different traits. Another aspect being Gemini is a mutable sign and Cancer is a cardinal sign hence Cancer and Gemini both are flexible in nature but Cancer likes to be the initiator and be the lead in the relationship while Gemini doesn’t mind following the lead. Overall these two sun signs are compatible in nature even though there are many differences in their character traits. Gemini Cancer

One great thing about Gemini Cancer compatibility is that it doesn't require too much effort to make it work. This is because both the Gemini and the Cancer have so many things in common. Because of this factor, both will find that their relationship comes very naturally and for most couples, it could only get better the longer they've been together.


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