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Gemini Scorpio

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Gemini Scorpio

Coming to Terms with the Scorpio’s Stinger

One of the zodiac sign compatibilities that astrologers seem to frown upon is a Gemini Scorpio Compatibility. Of the several reactions and opinions that have been expressed regarding this combination, examples of which are odd, difficult, takes time, intense, and full of tension. The pair has been described as polar opposites of each other, not only regarding their individual attitudes but also due to their difference in interacting with other people and processing those interactions.

 To further analyze the reason why a Gemini Scorpio Compatibility tends to receive negative reactions, let us first go into detail their traits as individuals. Geminis are commonly known for having a restless and bright attitude, full of wit and a nature that requires constant change and stimulation, especially in the mental aspect. Regarding love, they are curious when it comes to relationships. They are fleeting, flirty, and always seeking for excitement. They are social butterflies, eager to forge new relationships and meet other people. Scorpios on the other hand, are the complete opposite.

They resist change, inflexible as compared to Gemini, enjoying things as they are. They have a tendency to keep things to themselves, exuding a mysterious and complex aura, an aura that may be too complex for the Gemini, which may even come out as dark and intimidating. The Scorpio likes to analyze their partners, figuring them out like puzzles and finding out what pushes their buttons; a habit that they may find difficult doing to a Gemini since their personalities are frequently changing. When it comes to establishing a relationship, Gemini Scorpio Compatibility definitely takes time to figure out. For one, a Scorpio tends to be possessive and jealous, that what belongs to him only belongs to him. Add that to the fact that a Scorpio prioritizes intimacy and “alone” time, and would gladly give up time allotted for friends to spend it with their partner.

This may be a problem for the relationship since a Gemini is naturally a flirty individual, keeping it light and fun, and usually enjoys spending time outside with friends and to have a great time. But of course, aside from the negative things associated, there are enjoyable characteristics in a Gemini-Scorpio relationship. Both are very curious individuals, most especially when it comes to behavior, psychology and fascination towards others. This is good as the connection formed may be intense, fueled by that endless curiosity and passion. Adventures and new things are also always bound to happen in this relationship, as both grab the opportunity to spice things up whenever it presents itself. Lovemaking will never be a problem with Scorpios.

They are sexually charged individuals with high stamina, great intensity, and habit of trying out sexual fantasies. Lovemaking starts out slow then builds into a hot and passionate session that could go on all night long. There are many things that need to be considered when starting this kind of relationship, both the Gemini and the Scorpio need to settle their differences and meet halfway as physical attraction can only go so long in this zodiac pair. Find ways to compromise and adapt to each other’s preferences and a harmonious relationship that beats the odds would surely follow.

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