Gemini Virgo



Gemini Virgo

The Gemini Virgo Compatibility: Marriage of the Minds

What is extraordinary about Gemini Virgo compatibility is how their minds run on the same wavelength. Gemini and Virgo are very intelligent individuals. Both have appreciation on treatises, wisdom and doctrines. Because of this, they do not have a problem pursuing knowledge. In fact, they can be very supportive of each other when it comes to career advancement and intermediate studies. If other people can be so needy in a relationship, the Gemini and the Virgo make a good tandem as they are both independent.

 The Gemini is independent enough to explore the world on his own and he is not to be bogged down by any anyone’s rules. Being able to do what he likes is very important to him and he will do everything to protect that freedom. If your partner is a Gemini, now you know that is not in your best interest to hold them back. The more you try to coop them up, the more rebellious they tend to be. The best way to deal with a Gemini is to just let them be because they hate it when somebody tries to run their lives. If you want to get the good side of a Gemini, do not point out a wrong as if it was the greatest crime on earth and be supportive and understanding instead.

Gemini Virgo

Virgo’s independence on the other hand runs in the fact that they are able to do things on their own simply because they are very intelligent to know exactly what to do. Their intelligence allows them to accomplish things without necessarily asking for somebody’s assistance. The Virgo can get himself busy with whatever it is he is currently working on while the Gemini can fly out into the world, exploring exotic places and meeting new people. Their thirst for knowledge is pursued differently; nevertheless, the same independence binds them together. That is why this partnership is called marriage of the minds.

Challenges of the Gemini Virgo Compatibility Virgo is shy and Gemini is very friendly. The friendly nature of Gemini sometimes leaves the Virgo jealous. The friendly gesture of Gemini is often construed by Virgo as flirtatious and this is where the clash begins. So, the next time you see your Virgo partner suddenly keeps silent and refuses to talk to you, think about the last time you talked to a friend or met an acquaintance. You may have crossed the thin line between being friendly and flirty according to the relationship guidelines of Virgos. When something upsets them, they usually and suddenly become silent. When you ask them if everything is alright, they will usually say “okay” but deep down inside, they are not. This unexpressed feelings cause misunderstanding and coupled with a prolonged silence, this will lead to bottled feelings that may soon explode if left unattended. The Gemini partner is advised to be sensitive to moments like this in the Virgo’s life. You can assure him or her that is okay to talk things out with you.  

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