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Leo Aquarius

Many might not know, but a relationship such as the Leo Aquarius one has the advantage of making it as compared to the others. There are people who actually disregard these, especially those who are unfamiliar with the zodiac signs and those who are not dependent on such compatibilities. Some still believe in it because of the numerous “advantages” it brings. These people believe that with the help of zodiac compatibilities, there is a big possibility of moving away from a relationship that is bound to fail.

The Leo Aquarius compatibility is actually not that great, but with a bit of effort, such relationship can work. Aquarius is most commonly known as the water-carrier. It is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac, and its duration lasts from January 19 to February 18 every year. Aquarius is considered to be a masculine extrovert sign. It has the element of air, which means it is compatible to zodiacs with the same element such as Gemini and Libra and averagely compatible to signs such as Aries and Sagittarius. Pairing an Aquarius to a Leo would be more of the variable type, which means it may be pretty decent despite quite a number of differences. Leo has the element of fire, so they don’t really clash when it comes to elemental variability. An Aquarius is intellectual, confident, and loves individuality. These traits are admired by the generous and vivacious Leo. There may be some differences, but the two actually attract one another at a certain point.

What’s good about the Leo Aquarius compatibility is that both love attention and have a well-mannered social life. On the other hand, a Leo tends to require more intensity from a relationship than an Aquarius. But, it can actually be viewed in a good way. This is because the Aquarius can educate the Leo to take things casually, while the latter, in turn, can educate the former to be a bit sterner towards life. This is a perfect example of when the positives far outweigh the negatives. When a Leo man is paired to an Aquarius woman, there should be effort in order for the attraction to evolve into something even better. This is because the Leo man is too emotionally involved while the Aquarius woman is too detached. If the two want their relationship to last, they need to find a way on how they could meet at a certain point, that is, the Leo man would have to understand her eccentricity, while the Aquarius woman would have to respect his need for intimacy. If the Aquarius man is paired to a Leo woman, then the latter would have to make the former perceive marriage as a form of unification and not a form of bondage.

The woman would have to take control of the relationship and at the same time, not restrain his free spirit. A Leo would have to make sure that he would provide her with the warmth and comfort that she needs through complimenting her. If both continue to work well for the sake of their relationship, then the Leo and the Aquarius would make a good pair. It may not be the most perfect, but the Leo Aquarius compatibility is one that could succeed if given utmost attention and effort. It should be noted that both parties should have the perseverance and the passion to make the relationship work. With the positive traits that both contain, it is not impossible for the Leo and the Aquarius to make their relationship a romantic and happy one. It’s not a love story from the start, but it could be a happily ever after towards the end.  


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