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Leo Capricorn

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Leo Capricorn

Even though many look to zodiac signs for future predictions, especially when it comes to love, it just cannot be removed that there are still some zodiac signs that don’t match with others. This is because the personalities of individuals bearing such zodiac signs repel each other, thereby creating a clash. A good example would be the Leo Capricorn compatibility. The personalities of a Capricorn don’t really jive with that of the Leo’s, because both have actually more dissimilarities than similarities. A Capricorn has the element of earth, and it is symbolized by a sea-goat, which is a goat with a fish’s tail. It is an introvert sign, and is considered as one of the four cardinal signs. A Capricorn is not the emotional type and can easily live a reserved life. Individuals having the zodiac Capricorn are down-to-earth, more often than not, and do not easily trust people.

A Leo, on the other hand, is the total opposite. Those having the Leo as their zodiac sign are very emotional and live a life of grandeur and sophistication. A Leo will do anything to maintain such status. A Capricorn and a Leo are also incompatible when it comes to money matters. A Capricorn is more of the thrifty kind, while the Leo is the type who loves to splurge. Since Leo lives in flattery and appreciation, they would spend and spend in order to gain admiration from the crowd.

However, there are some positive aspects to the Leo Capricorn compatibility. Both believe in dedication and fidelity, and this quality can help their relationship survive. What both need to do is to learn to give in and give each other some space, that is, if they want their relationship to work. If the man is a Leo and the woman is a Capricorn in the Leo Capricorn compatibility, effort from both sides is needed in order to make the relationship a good match. A Leo man need a lot of appreciation and flattery, and such cannot be given openly by the Capricorn woman because she’s not good at it. A Leo’s sophisticated nature will also not be good for the Capricorn, and she may not take it lightly. Since a Leo wants extravagance, he would do everything to put himself in the middle of the spotlight.

That is one trait that a Capricorn doesn’t plan to pursue. Again, it should be stressed out that such a relationship needs serious work. If, in contrast, the man is a Capricorn and the woman is a Leo, then it would end up in the same situation. A Leo woman is outgoing and loves socializing, while a Capricorn man is more of the reserved type. A Leo would most likely love bending rules every now and then, while a Capricorn would most likely follow them. It can thus be deduced that the qualities of the two are at opposite ends, and such compatibility will not work. But, as long as they have managed to comprehend one another, the relationship may be far from encountering problems.

The chances for this relationship is quite low, but once both have mastered their strengths and weaknesses, then a Leo Capricorn compatibility might just make it. Despite the huge differences, there is still a possibility of the two making it out of the storm. All one has to believe is that the positives far outweigh the negatives, that is, the similarities are more important than the dissimilarities. For sure, once the couple has believed in this ideology, then their relationship can absolutely go places.    


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