Leo Gemini



Leo Gemini

Understanding the Gemini Leo Compatibility

Leo can be a good partner to a Gemini. The Leo Gemini compatibility is rated as one of the best as both are outgoing and enjoy fun activities. Gemini is an adventurous sign and always seeks to travel new places and meet new people. They become restless when they stay in one place. Some people do not understand this particular need of a Gemini to go out. Oftentimes, they consider this vagabonding an outlandish act when this is Gemini’s way of expressing himself. If you do not get this unique trait of the Gemini, the two of you are doomed to grow apart. What the Gemini needs is a partner who does not feel insecure while he basks the attention of the people. If there is a sign that understands the Gemini in this respect, it is the Leo for he shares the same affinity with people. Leo is the perfect match because not only does he not mind the Gemini being the center of attention, he enjoys being around with people, too. He loves to entertain and the two of you can share the stage without spoiling the fun.

Leo Gemini

Because Leos love people’s admiration and approval, they need to have someone to boss around to show that they are in control and the best among the rest. Gemini might have a problem with this because they do not like to be bossed around. Remember that they are free-spirited individuals and they will not appreciate it if you try to dictate them how to run their lives. The Gemini just wants to be happy and he genuinely enjoys the happiness he gets being around with people, enjoying their antics and whatnot. His happiness is not driven by how people look at him as a leader.

The Gemini does not wish to inspire and just wants to enjoy his freedom without the burden of being accountable or responsible for other people’s lives. Leo, on the other hand, is driven to succeed. A competitive environment is the natural habitat of a Leo and competition does not scare them away. It instead sparks ingenuity and leadership in a Leo. It is not easy to direct a group of people to accomplish certain tasks but the Leo has an unbelievable talent of getting things done through a collaboration of people. The directives that come out of their mouth are like sacred orders from Gods that make people move, do and act to achieve the group’s objectives. Their productivity level is high and their management skills are laudable. In the presence of argument, they are also known to be good arbiters. They can maintain an objective view into the problem at hand. This objectivity trait can pass to the emotional Gemini as being heartless or cold. The Gemini can also get a good scolding from the Leo for his inability to stay put in one goal. The Leo is very organized while the Gemini tends to leave a trail of unfinished business. The few hiccups in the Leo Gemini compatibility can be worked out.