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Leo Leo

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Leo Leo

People who are celebrating their birthdays from July 22 to August 22 are classified in the astrological charts under Leo. Leo possesses attributes of the fire element and is ruled by the Sun. This is also considered as one of the fixed elements which signify stability, determination and persistence. Among the zodiacs, Leo is generally interpreted as masculine, positive and extrovert. It is represented by The Lion. People born under the Leo sign possess confidence, ambition, generosity, loyalty and independence among their positive traits.

However, they also have the possibility of being too pretentious, exaggerated, domineering, melodramatic, stubborn and vain. Leo Leo compatibility might be considered as one of the most stunning pairings that have occurred in an astrological perspective. The union of the energetic and outgoing personalities of these two persons can be treated like an all-star pairing. The couple can certainly obtain stares of envy from other people because of their high degree of show-off quality. Most of Leo couples are vain and narcissistic which makes them stand out from the crowd.

Leo Leo

Leo couples possess high level of personal pride and are interested in throwing parties and surprises to their friends and family. They are great in socializing and interacting with other people because of their confident and independent attitude. The ingredients that can help Leo pairing to work out include honesty, trust and loyalty. Leo Leo compatibility illustrates a fervent and possessive pairing: they can be ideal lovers or nasty enemies. This union of strong of domineering personalities does not happen without its disadvantages. The love of both individuals for the spotlight and being the center of attraction will not go amiss in the relationship. Individuals born under the Leo sign have a hard time taking backstage roles because of their attention-seeking personality.

This might be a problem that can arise for strong-willed couples. Their dominating and controlling personality might also clash with each other and bring misunderstanding to the relationship. Since both of them are born with natural leadership skills, the question of who will be the person to lead can bring about problems with their decision making and judgment. Enormous inconsistencies between the personality and perspective of the couple will surely boil problems for the two. However, if both of them can resolve their differences in perspective and move towards achieving the same goals and objectives, they can optimize their combination to attain outstanding results.

They can take turns in fulfilling the leadership responsibility to bring out the best in the choices made for their relationship. It will take a great deal of understanding and adjustment from both of them in order to carry the relationship into a deeper level. Maintaining Leo Leo compatibility is like gambling: it has the likelihood to be one of the most successful love stories to be ever lived in or be the most disastrous experience that both of them will go through. They need to realize that respecting each other and valuing each other’s opinion is the key to effectuate their love story. Leo to Leo couples should learn how to complement each other’s strength than battling each other’s pride head-on in order to maintain a good romantic relationship.  


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