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Leo Pisces

Compromise is Needed for Leo Pisces Compatibility

Both Leo Pisces signs vary a great deal as to each one's personality. Leo is a fire sign, and when combined with Pisces which is a water sign, the two elements do not exactly create harmony. Another characteristic that a Leo has is that he or she is an outgoing individual who enjoys having fun and being active. Pisces, however, likes to stay at home rather than go out partying or staying outdoors. While the Leo is domineering, bold, and wants to be in the limelight, the Pisces is not competitive and does not want to be the center of attention. Hence, the Piscean will gladly leave all the attention to the Leo. Since one of them gives way to the other, that is probably the reason why there is an instant and easy attraction between the two. However, this can be problematic in the long run. The Leo will often seek the Pisces’ approval to the point of appearing as self-centered so the latter will get tired of always agreeing with the former’s thoughts.


When the male is a Leo and the female is a Pisces, initial compatibility is likely to happen. A Leo male possesses strength and confidence. He can also be a sentimentalist and a romantic. As a lover, he can be warm and affectionate like the Pisces. Possible Leo Pisces compatibility happens because the Leo loves to be in control of the situation and the Pisces will do her best to appease her man, yet manages to make him do things that please her. There can nonetheless be disagreements due to their conflicting personalities when it comes to socialization. Pisces is shy and less sociable unlike the Leo who is daring and highly sociable in nature.


Leo Pisces

The former may also tend to be sensitive which will irritate the latter. However, when these two individuals of different signs fall in love with each other, a strong bond between the two can be formed.

On the other hand, Leo Pisces compatibility rate between a Leo female and a Pisces male is low. A Leo woman would be very assertive in the relationship which can create trouble for the Pisces male’s ego. She would most often decide on things such as where leo pisces would date or what he should wear. However, this dominance can also be perceived by the Pisces as just a caring attitude of the Leo. A Leo woman loves to be on the limelight and to make friends while the Pisces man is silent and secretive. This is the same reason why a Pisces man will have a difficulty wooing a Leo woman. He can eventually win her over by showing his romantic side. When both parties can work out their very different traits then the relationship has a potential to last long.

There are positive signs of Leo Pisces compatibility and one of which is that there will be no clash for domination. Leo will most likely be dominant while Pisces willingly submits to the former. The Leo will be very vocal and expressive as to his or her feelings and the Pisces will admire the former for these characteristics. Pisces finds the direction which the Leo gives. Due to the vast differences in traits the Leo Pisces have, their relationship can be fascinating but at times it can be frustrating. If they both want to make the relationship work, the Leo will have to be gentler and learn to compromise once in a while. Pisces should be more appreciative of the Leo and get used to the latter’s dominance.


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