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Leo Scorpio

Some might call it a steamy combination; some might refer to it as something short. But in reality, not much is to be expected when it comes to the Leo Scorpio compatibility. It may not be the best tandem, but, when handled in a good way, the relationship of Leo and Scorpio might just make it. Here is a closer analysis of the Leo Scorpio compatibility.  Scorpio, which is symbolized by the scorpion, is a water zodiac. Its characteristics include sensitivity, purposeful, and unyielding. Because it has a water element, Scorpio is best paired with other water zodiacs such as Cancer and Pisces and averagely paired to Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. Leo, on the other hand, is a fire zodiac. It is best paired with fire signs such as Sagittarius and Aries and averagely paired with signs having the element of wind or air, such as Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini.

Since the Leo Scorpio compatibility involves the clash of fire and water, it may not result in an excellent match. However, there is a possibility of a “sexual” bonding between the two. Scorpios are sensual and zealous, so most Scorpio and Leo lovers might settle their problems in a steamy kind of way. There also is a huge chance of getting attracted at first sight, but in consequence is the lesser probability of having a long-term relationship. Also, Scorpio is more of the temperamental and jealous type, so he or she is really not someone can handle easily.Scorpios are mysterious and manipulative as well, and because individuals with the Leo sign are sensitive when it comes to praise, Scorpios can easily take advantage. Simply put, the relationship of Leo and Scorpio is a relationship that will take a lot of work if both want it to succeed. If the man is a Leo and the woman is a Scorpio, both would have to encounter a lot of hardships during their relationship.

Since they have characteristics that don’t match, they would have to face problems on personality clashes. The Leo man would usually look for adventure and excitement in a relationship, while a Scorpio woman would look for intensity. Leo would want it cuddly and romantic, while Scorpio would want it otherwise. Both should look for ways on how they could settle their issues with one another. If the man is a Scorpio and the woman is a Leo, then a tough relationship would also be expected. Scorpio men are very impatient, and such characteristic will not provide anything positive to the relationship with a Leo woman.

The Leo woman’s negative characteristics will also not be tolerable to the Scorpio man. Since their signs don’t really match, they will always try to dominate each other. If Leo and Scorpio veer away from the worst case scenario, they might make a pair that would last for quite a long time. One good way of making the relationship work would be to give in to each other and control the temper. Since both have intense characteristics, Leo and Scorpio should learn to lower it down a bit by handling their emotions a bit better. Once they have mastered the process, the Leo Scorpio compatibility might just prove successful.


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