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Leo Virgo

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Leo Virgo

Leo and Virgo sit side by side in the Zodiac, and will do well when they are similarly side by side in a partnership that unites two powerful personalities. Leo Virgo compatibility has its roots in a strong attraction between these two signs of Fire and Earth. Seemingly at odds with each other – the Lion is boisterous where the Virgin is calm and serene - they share high standards with regards to beauty, sensuality, and turning out a polished performance. At their best, they will make a fine couple, with Leo being bestowing enduring love on Virgo, who will reciprocate with strong integrity.

Virgo is attracted to the dignity and pride of a Leo, especially when these traits are accompanied by discipline. They will be content to let their partner bask in the spotlight while they do what needs to be done behind the scenes, as long as they are recognized as equals. Leo, on the other hand, will be drawn to the delicate, striking image a Virgo presents. The Lions are habitually lavish and showy in their displays of affection, and they can be very warm and loyal to an appreciative lover.

A Leo who persists in wooing a Virgo will find a depth of passionate emotion in their partner that is belied by the Virgin’s cool exterior. Also, they might discover that a Virgo’s special, exacting attentions, although quiet, can amply satisfy their need for appreciation. Leo can encourage a straight-laced Virgo partner to kick back and relax, and tidy, practical Virgo can teach a Lion that humility is a virtue they can both practice. Both these signs are passionate, and, once committed to an end, they will see it through with Leo’s drive and Virgo’s practical, one-step-at-a-time approach. Mixing and matching is necessary with these two.

A Leo should learn to respect a Virgo’s prudence and dedication to work – surprise dates in the middle of the work week, for instance, may not be advisable. At the same time, Virgos ought to learn how to let their hair down once in a while, so as to be able to better appreciate their Lion. Some fallings out are unavoidable on this pair’s road to a lasting relationship as a cautious, reserved nature can’t always be expected to jive with a spontaneous, playful one. The major pitfalls on the way to good Leo Virgo compatibility are the Lion’s arrogance and the Virgin’s tendency to criticize. Leos can take any nitpicking fussiness directed their way as a personal affront, and will turn on their Virgo partner who, it must be admitted, might have been too demanding a perfectionist. Also, a Virgo’s passivity may make a Leo feel insecure – they need applause to live - while the Lion’s boundless energy can discourage and intimidate the Virgin. At their worst, Lions can be cruel and hot-headed, and Virgos can keep themselves so distant that they will be able to simply walk away from an unsatisfying relationship no matter how loudly the Lion roars.


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