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Libra Libra

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Libra Libra

People who are celebrating their birth dates in between September 23 to October 22 are under the guidance of the seventh astrological sign, Libra. The element of this zodiac is air and its ruling planet is Venus. Libra is considered a cardinal sign which signifies active form, push, energy and enterprise. Libra is also seen as one of the masculine and extrovert zodiacs. The good quality of Librans are their ability to be diplomatic, graceful, peaceful idealistic and hospitable. On the down side, their superficiality, vanity, indecisiveness and unreliability often puts them in the disadvantage.

Libra Libra compatibility shows that the Libra man and woman are seeking for a partner who will always be by their side no matter what happens. They are looking for a personal confidante whom they can disclose and share happiness, problems and anxieties about their daily life. They want a partner who can relate to what they feel and they can talk to about anything without any inhibitions. Since the Libra couple possesses the same needs, they are compatible when it comes to satisfying the companionship need of each other. The fulfillment of this emotional need for the Libra couple will pave the way to strengthen and develop their relationship. On the other hand, waiting and indecisiveness can also be the name of the game for Libra couples. Though they are both vigorous and ecstatic, individuals born under Libra tend to be vague when it comes to entering into relationships. They are not that aggressive in entering relationships because of their worry of hurting other people’s feeling.

Libra Libra

Libra Libra compatibility can also be described as a pacifist compatibility. They believe that avoiding conflicts and complications with their respective partners will bring growth to their relationship. This helps create an ambiance of trust and dignity within the relationship. However, this trait can produce hidden and unsettled issues between the pair. Fortunately, Librans have the gift of balanced perspective which gives them the knack of clearing things up with their partners through calm settlements.

Libra Libra compatibility can also engender some problem for couples. The problem lies on who will be the person to do the decision making for the couple. Both of them tend to be complacent and rely on each other for their choices in life. The indecisiveness of the Libran couple lies in their desire to view and analyze the perspective of every factor involved. In doing this, they satisfy themselves that the option that they will choose is the best one and it will not adversely affect other people. They apply this kind of thinking in their everyday life even though it might seem impractical for situations that need quick response.

The home of a Libran couple is full of love, contentment and affection. They always see to it that they make the members and guests of their household feel that they are being fully taken cared. Their hospitality extends to preparing household necessities and entertaining them through endless conversations and laughter. Libran couples have the passion of instilling the right ambiance for any gathering because of their highly social nature. Libran couples who are contented with their respective partners view their relationship as a family-oriented and long-lasting one.


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