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Pisces Pisces

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Pisces Pisces

To those who are asking, yes, the Pisces-Pisces relationship has a big chance of succeeding, thanks to Pisces Pisces compatibility. Although both parties have the same zodiac sign, it is believed that the fish will most likely be compatible with its fellow fish. Pisces, of course, would still pair better to other zodiac signs. But, it wouldn’t hurt to pair with a fellow Pisces and see what the results could be.

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign and is symbolized by the fish. Just like Sagittarius, Pisces is also a mutable sign bearing the water element. A Pisces would be most compatible to Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. They would be least compatible to individuals having the signs of Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, and Libra.

Pisces Pisces

Pisces people are commonly shy, trustworthy, dreamy, creative, and understanding. They are also very romantic, so there would be not much of a problem for people who would want a romantic relationship. A Pisces would usually adore the simple and soothing things, such as nature, poetry, and privacy. In turn, they would hate anything that could be disturbing such as noise, crowds, dirt, and authority. Simply put, a Pisces would most like spend their time alone and in a quiet place rather than socialize and party. When it comes to compatibility, a Pisces could work well with a fellow Pisces. This is because the Pisces, which has a fish symbol, is very aware to what is happening around him. The match between two Pisces has a good chance of success, since they would both understand their strengths and their weaknesses. Since they tend to be serious, Pisces people would want to converse with their Pisces partner in a very deep manner. This could be advantageous because it just proves that their relationship is something that they take very seriously.

However, because the Pisces Pisces compatibility would share the same traits, they could end up suffering in their faults. A Pisces is either a submissive one or a sensible one. If both parties are passive, catastrophe is bound to occur in the relationship. This is because neither of them will face the problem head-on, and would rather soak themselves into too much thinking. The good side, however, is that both would be more romantic and passionate in their affiliation. Because Pisces people are generous and patient, they would usually demand the finer things in life. They would want their relationship to be peaceful and harmonious. Both would have to put forth a large amount of effort to achieve the harmony they are looking for in a relationship.

The big dilemma with the Pisces Pisces compatibility is that neither of them is sturdy enough to lead the other. Both of the parties are prone of escaping from the problem, which could lead to more dilemmas in the future. What a Pisces would need is someone that could look out for him or her when he is down. If the fellow Pisces can offer this, then such a relationship could work out in the end.  


You cant judge the complete relationship using only Zodiac Signs, you need to analyze  complete birthcart!