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Sagittarius Taurus

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Sagittarius Taurus

The Sagittarius Taurus compatibility is known for its sexual chemistry. However, maintaining a long and serious relationship is not a forte of this pair. The Sagittarius Taurus compatibility is nearly impossible. Just like other zodiac matches, this duo is also marked with similar traits and contrasting characteristics. Unfortunately, clashing personalities are pervasive in the relationship between the Archer and the Bull. The Archer’s outspoken personality does not flow in accord with the Bull’s impassiveness. Sagittarius individuals are socially inclined people. They love travelling and attending social gatherings. On the other hand, Taurus individuals are introvert in nature. They prefer to watch TV at home with friends than to meet new people in night clubs. 

Moreover, Sagittarius is concerned about the future while the Taurus keeps his eyes straight to the present reality. With their different activities and viewpoints, Taurus and Sagittarius are at odds. The straightforward Sagittarius tends to get bored with the company of the shy Bull. On the other hand, the Bull will be annoyed with the Archer’s constant search for adventure. Taurus is also serious and possessive while Sagittarius is free spirited. The Archers refuse to fall under someone else’s command. With their knowledge and wisdom, they are liberal thinkers who want other people to agree with their ideas. This liberal personality of Sagittarius proves his less enthusiasm with committed relationships.

However, Sagittarians can be tied down in serious relationships as long as their partners know how to keep up with their interests. Unlike Sagittarians, Taurus individuals are pessimistic. They are also faithful and gentle lovers. They prefer to enter long-lasting relationships than to play love games. In spite of all the discrepancies between the characteristics of Sagittarius and Taurus, they also share a few similarities. The Archer and the Bull are both determined with their goals and ambitions. In addition, both are also romantic lovers.

Taurus Man And Sagittarius Woman

A Taurus man wants to be in charge of the relationship. He tends to dictate her partner’s actions, making a Sagittarius woman dislike him. Although they are fun-loving individuals, Sagittarius women always feel the need for freedom. Clashes will arise if he constantly persists to become the leader of the relationship. Sagittarius women could care less on commitments. However, a serious relationship is not impossible in this match. Although Sagittarius Taurus compatibility is quite unbelievable, a Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman can make a good business team.

Taurus Woman And Sagittarius Man

Reserved Taurus women are often attracted to confident Sagittarius men. Taurus women are drawn to Sagittarius men because of his confidence and charisma. However, he has the tendency to flirt with every woman she likes. He checks out ladies even with the company of his Taurus partner. Her tendency is bash him because of jealousy. His clinginess and her possessiveness will cause severe problems on both sides. Taureans and Sagittarians will have a harmonious relationship if they persevere in understanding each other’s flaws. However, mutual understanding is never enough to a fruitful relationship. They must also work on their imperfections to improve the relationship. Taureans must learn to give Sagittarians freedom and the latter must control his flirting tendencies.