Scorpio Aquarius



Scorpio Aquarius

The Scorpio Aquarius compatibility is not that high because it has been studied that the relationship is bound to experience challenges along the way. Most of the conflicts in the relationship will probably come from the fact that a Scorpio partner is very passionate and intense about a lot of things, along with their respect for privacy is very high. On the other hand, an Aquarius can be classified as being very outgoing, open and most of all, they respect their independence and the independence of their partner.

Even though these differences exist, it cannot be denied that there are still some similar qualities between a Scorpio and an Aquarius. For instance, both of these signs are very much particular about knowing as much information as they can most especially when it is about their partners. Another thing that makes this relationship really interesting is that both people are very interested to know about the darkest and kept secrets of their partners. As a matter of fact, if a partner tries to hide something from the other, both of these signs will try their best to figure out what it is. Furthermore, considering that an Aquarius is a bit wild, while a Scorpio tends to be difficult at times, there would definitely be a meeting of minds in this relationship.

Scorpio Aquariuss

When it comes to handling difficult situations, it can also be said that both a Scorpio and an Aquarius have the same method of handling things. For instance, when there are arguments about certain things, both would discuss things for a while, but when the situation becomes more intense that it should, both would just choose to not make a big deal out of what’s happening at that moment. However, even with this serene and peaceful take on things, the bad news is that both an Aquarius and a Scorpio hold grudges. Even though it has been a common conception that when two people have really similar traits, everything would turn out smoothly for the relationship, the truth is that sometimes the more two people are alike, the more that Scorpio Aquarius clash with one another most especially when it is against one other.

However, this does not mean that the relationship would not work at all; as a matter of fact, a relationship between a Scorpio & an Aquarius could become the most exciting thing ever. It’s just that both people must be ready and willing to compromise just to be able to make up for the things that would be the reason why they might end up clashing with each other about certain things. In conclusion, the Scorpio Aquarius compatibility be given a rate of average just because even though they have almost similar personalities, these similarities often end up as problems for the relationship. However, if two people really want to be together and if both are willing to compromise with the differences, the relationship between these two signs could end up as the most dynamic and exhilarating thing for the parties involved.