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Scorpio Sagittarius

Submitted by Dhaval on Thu, 07/16/2015 - 07:00

Scorpio Sagittarius

People should know that if a Scorpio and a Sagittarius end up being in a relationship, the partnership would turn out to be a fun and exciting one simply because both of these signs have an intense character. However, it can also be said that both of these signs are very different from one another; for instance, a Sagittarius just wants to make every situation as light as possible. On the other hand, a Scorpio handles everything with so much intensity and passion that tends to end up as a negative thing most of the time. Because of these facts, it is safe to say that the Scorpio Sagittarius compatibility be described as being low, to the point of giving both parties a hard time with eventually adjusting to each other’s personality.

To further elaborate on the compatibility of these zodiac signs, people should know that even though a Scorpio and a Sagittarius have a lot of differences, the good thing is that these differences are actually the reasons why both of them get really attracted to each other. For instance, a Scorpio is a very mysterious person, which on the other hand attracts and intrigues a Sagittarius; this is because on the other hand, a Sagittarius person is very drawn to solving puzzles and the like. In addition to this, the Scorpio Sagittarius compatibility also be improved by working on the similar interests that both parties share. Some of these interests could either be about music, entertainment or art.

Scorpio Sagittarius

Not to mention, it could also be an interesting thing to know that since a Sagittarius generally likes to speak about things, he/she is very compatible with a Scorpio who is generally more inclined to listening to what others have to say. On the contrary, a Scorpio has a really short temper when it comes to various things so when the Sagittarius partner says something that is hurtful or blunt, a Scorpio would definitely fight back. This is actually a really bad thing considering that a Sagittarius - being expressive as he/she is, will also not back down, and this will only end up in a serious clash. Another really glaring difference that these two signs could go through is that a Scorpio values privacy so much, while a Sagittarius is not really that particular with this type of thing, and again, this could end up into a really big fight.

With all of these facts about the Scorpio Sagittarius compatibility, it can be said that the relationship would not be smooth-sailing because of all of the differences that were pointed out above. However, just because these differences exist, does not mean that these two people do not have a shot at being together. The truth is that even the most compatible signs out there would still have differences, and the bottom line is on how both parties would handle and compromise with the differences. When both people have learned how to do this, everything would surely fall into place and it would not even matter that their signs are not that compatible to begin with.


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