Scorpio Scorpio



Scorpio Scorpio

People who are born in between the 23rd of October to the 21st of November are under the influence of the eighth astrological zodiac sign Scorpio. Scorpio is a water element and is considered as feminine and passive. It is also classified as one of the fixed zodiacs that imply its stability and stubbornness. The positive traits of people under Scorpio are loyalty, passion, resourcefulness, keenness and dynamism. On the other hand, their tendency to become jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative and unyielding has a negative effect on their personalities.

Scorpio Scorpio compatibility illustrates that an irrefutable initial affection between the Scorpio couples can be generated because of their magnetic personalities. Their curiosity to lay their palms with each other’s hand and delve into the mysteriousness of each other’s eyes is part of the magnetic pull. There might also be a chance that these mysterious gazes can turn to sexual innuendos in no time. If two individuals who are born under Scorpio enter into a relationship, they possess almost the same set of characteristics. The passion that they possess can be maximized as they pour it out to result to an intense and affectionate relationship. They will do everything just to make their loved one feel their desire to make them happy. This certainly is a plus factor that can make them enjoy each other’s company.

Scorpio Scorpio compatibility also states that these couples have possess dependable nature which is a good thing for people who are entering into relationships. Most of the time, people are looking for partners whom they can rely on when it comes to time of distress. The reliability of the Scorpion male and female will complement each other and will engender trust and confidence that is material to the relationship.

Scorpio Scorpio

Scorpio Scorpio compatibility can also be easily achieved because the Scorpion couple can understand and love their partner in ways that nobody can match. They can bring out the best from their partners by demonstrating support and care for their every endeavor. Sex also matters for Scorpio to Scorpio relationships because this is their medium to make their partners feel their romantic bond. They create an affectionate, edgy, soulful and enigmatic atmosphere that fits their Scorpion nature. However, one downside that Scorpion pair can experience is the high degree of possessiveness of their partners. Individuals born under the Scorpio sign are naturally jealous and paranoid regarding the intentions of their partners. Their unending need for reassurance of love from their partners increases the pressure in their relationship.

This degree of possessiveness and sensitivity is result of the infinite passion that Scorpion individuals gave into the relationship. They expect that their partners will stay true and faithful to them throughout their relationship by making them feel their love from time to time. The combination of passion and possessiveness can also be detrimental for Scorpion pairs who are parting ways. If their strong personality and pride can match and complement each other, a passionate relationship will certainly last long. On the other hand, conflicting Scorpion pairs tend to break their relationship roughly and full of bitterness. Even though breaking apart is the only way to go for incompatible couples, ending the affair is harder for Scorpion couples.