Taurus and Aquarius



Taurus And Aquarius

The Challenges of Taurus Aquarius Compatibility and How to Survive Them

The Taurus Aquarius compatibility is the epitome of what they call opposites attract. They value things differently and see them in different lights. Taurus thrives in the status quo while Aquarius challenges it. Taurus men are known to be practical. They go by the saying “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. They do not want to waste their energy trying to change the world, which is what Aquarius is all about- changing the course of nature, always inventing.While Taurus takes things at face value, the Aquarian refuses to accept things as they are, often questioning its existence. They seek the truth by experiment; they are willing to destroy to learn how to build. This characteristic wreaks havoc in the complacent existence of the Taurus and it is often the source of disagreement. The Taurus does not want complications; that is why he abides by the rules and expects everybody to do the same. While he avoids chaos, the Aquarius is not afraid to encounter it in the course of his quest. He delights in searching for answers even if it means a major change of plans.

Being an Aquarius, you are touted as a brilliant thinker because you marvel how the world has come to be and the ways of humanity. But just like the Taurus who has a strong resolve, Aquarians are very loyal to their beliefs. It is their beliefs that fuel them to pursue the truth. However, they are more flexible than the Taurus. The Taurus can get very stubborn and will even deny others the freedom to express their opinions. In the workplace, others mistakenly take them as the bossy types because they tend to force their ideas on them. An Aquarius does not resent getting corrected and is open to criticisms. In fact, he does not have a problem changing his views if new evidence surfaces. Unlike the Taurus, the Aquarius does not have a problem with other people’s point of view because he does not discriminate even if it is totally different from his own argument. So, how does a Taurus And Aquarius relationship survive?

The Taurus And Aquarius compatibility is very challenging. If these differences are not properly managed by both partners with patience and understanding, it can put a strain into the relationship. You should learn when not to push your partner’s button. An Aquarius person may seem indifferent or detached at first but do not jump quickly into conclusions about him being a snob because there are two types of Aquarians: the shy type and the bold type. Beneath this persona lies a very sensitive, patient and gentle soul. Given enough time, they will warm up to you and become comfortable in your company. They are very great hosts in parties and other gatherings. This makes them a very good partner for the Tauruses because they love to be pampered. Take note also that Aquarians are very possessive but this can be worked out if you shower just the right attention to your Aquarian lover.