Taurus and Capricorn



Taurus And Capricorn

Taurus Capricorn compatibility is said to be a very promising one. A Taurus is someone borne between April 20 and May 20 while a Capricorn is borne between December 22 and January 19. According to the Horoscope, Taurus and Capricorn are passionate individuals and in the love department, passion fuels longevity in relationships.

A Taurus man finds refuge in the Capricorn woman. He can easily talk to her about things without feeling judged and she listens intently to his sordid stories and dreams. Men love it when their lady listens to his adventures without a hint of boredom. Most women get bored listening to men’s adventures that cover hunting tales, war stories in gory details, tech gadgets, sports, etc., although there are some women who are interested into this kind of things. His romantic side brings life to the union as he constantly surprises her with little things such as giving flowers even without special occasions, dinner dates, love letters and whispers of sweet nothings. In return, she reciprocates by supporting him in his endeavours and letting him feel that she will always be there for him no matter what happens. She becomes his therapy after a tiring day at work as she prepares food for him, makes up the home and massages his tired body. They are perfect for each because most of their personality traits are similar while differences complement each other, in which the weakness of one is the strength of the other.

This makes the union of a Taurus and a Capricorn one of strongest and long-lasting relationships based on the Zodiac signs. Capricorn, being the ambitions sign, often excels in the workplace and this earns her popularity at work. People in social circles look up to her as an inspiration and she loves the attention. This enables her to network with other people in the same field and connect with prospective employers, which makes finding a job easy. The Taurus and the Capricorn understand the value of their hardwork, that is why they do not spend their money on frivolous things like there is no tomorrow. A large portion of their hard-earned money is put in banks, investments and business ventures because they do not want to live a life devoid of comforts. If you want financial security in life, you are better off with a Capricorn or a Taurus.

Another Taurus And Capricorn compatibility aspect is their practical views about life. They do not dwell on shallow discussions that will only drain them both emotionally. The fact that one is not needy about the other offers a strong bond between them. They can allow each other to pursue different activities without getting insecure or feeling left behind. They are very supportive of each other’s achievements. Among the two, the Capricorn is the ambitious sign and she needs someone who can understand this constant thirst for advancement and being on top. She finds this security in Taurus as he provides serenity and assurance to the Capricorn woman.