Taurus and Leo



Taurus and Leo

When Taurus and Leo enter into a relationship or an affair, they can have an amazing time together and they can be great couple giving envy to other people. They both know how to melt each other’s tough egos and blend as a happy couple. Both these signs need lots of love and affection and hence they both crave for similar things in their relationship. They both respect their relationship and believe in give and take theory. Above all, they are also highly possessive and loyal partners who will never think about betraying the other half even if a bad patch is going on between them.

Taurus and Leo are two types of personalities who are totally different from each other. As a couple though they are quite compatible but time may come when differences may arise between them because Taurus is generally aggressive and short tempered while Leo will be mostly calm and composed. They both are fixed signs and hence it makes them very stubborn and this is the reason their arguments may sometimes become very intense and hot. While they may have great time in the bed because Taureans are quite experimental and wild while Leo will be soft and sensitive towards their partner which makes it an interesting combination. There may be lot of arguments between this couple because Taureans are usually hot headed and are more expressive than Leo. They may say whatever they have in their mind without even thinking once that the other half may get hurt.

Taurus signs are known for their consistent nature and their ability to take tough decisions in life while Leo signs are very calculative and practical, they will think twice before making a decision. But since Leo are very calm and cool headed, their fights may not last for a long period of time because Leo does not like to argue a lot and tend to finish the matter as soon as possible. They are also very sensitive and caring towards their partner, so Leo would be the one providing nurture, care and love while Taurus would be the protector. Leo signs are very mysterious and secretive in nature and this thing may poke the Taurus partner sometime. The Taurus partner may feel that Leo is hiding something and this may lead to differences and fights between the couple. One thing very common between this couple is they both are adventurous and thy like to explore new places. So they can be great companions while travelling. They can share equal fun, adventure and excitement while hanging out together.

Their love life may take a turn only when Taurus feels that Leo has become too secretive and hiding things from the partner. Both the signs are also passionate in nature so no doubt their sex life would be equally interesting and fun where there would be no short of fun and passion. Being a partner with Taurus, one thing is assured that the couple will have a very secured future where Taurus would always be the protector and provider of strength in their relationship. One more thing about this couple is that Taurus is an earth sign while Leo is a fire sign, so it turns out they both are very passionate and ambitious in life which is very important in any relationship. Leo looks for materialistic things and worldly possessions while Taurus looks for a secured and comfortable life. All in all they are quite compatible and they both possess qualities which blended together can make a good and happy couple who value and respect each other and also have mutual admiration for each other.