Taurus Gemini



Taurus Gemini

Breaking Down the Taurus Gemini Compatibility The Taurus Gemini compatibility is another one of those pairings that can go either way. Taurus and Gemini are opposites of each other and, although this may trigger instant attraction, it may not always mean a perfect relationship down the line. The Taurus individual is very stubborn and determined. They can be very staunch about their beliefs and opinions and would argue to death just to get their point across. The Taurus person can be quite stable and steady. The Gemini individual on the other hand is restless and independent. They love to be the life of the party and are natural flirts. The Gemini person can be fickle and indecisive. When thrown together by some twist of fate, there can be instant attraction between the Taurus individual and the Gemini individual because of their opposite personalities.

However, these same opposite personalities can also serve as the roots of future issues in their relationships. The calm and decisive Taurus individual may eventually feel fed up with the restless and indecisive Gemini individual. The free-spirited Gemini person can also feel boxed in by the Taurus person. If they do not work at accepting and working at their differences, it would be hard for them to keep up a relationship. The silver lining to these Taurus Gemini compatibility problems would be the chance that these two can learn from each other’s strengths. As in any relationships, no matter what zodiac signs the partners belong to, the strengths of one can balance out the weakness of the other.

The Taurus individual can learn to let himself loose once in a while with the help of the Gemini, while the Gemini can learn a little consistency and stability from the Taurus, too. This can only work if they both accept each other’s differences and learn to reign in their own strong personalities. If you have a Gemini man and a Taurus woman, you can expect a few or a lot of conflicts. The Taurus woman will want stability and consistency, but the Gemini man will only be too energetic and free-spirited and restless. The Gemini man may also find the Taurus woman not as adventurous as he likes. Jealousy will be an issue due to the flirty nature of the Gemini man.

If you have a Gemini woman and a Taurus man, you can expect instant attraction but you can also expect conflicts down the road if they get past the first few dates. Each of them will be attracted to the qualities that make them opposites of each other, but unless they manage to deal with their differences, their relationship may not last. Should they be able to manage their opposite personalities, their match can actually be a very complementary one and would be good for each of them. The Taurus Gemini match is one of those “opposites attract” things, but it is something that also needs to be managed well in order for it to work. Patience, acceptance, and willingness to compromise are important factors that can spell success for this match.