Taurus Libra



Taurus and Libra

Libra is one of those signs which is known for its charismatic and dynamic nature. They are quick witted and fun people to be with while Taurus are aggressive and dominating on nature who are also at times hot headed. So a combination of these two signs is bound to ignite fire. It’s like pitting two fire crackers against each other. The couple may have an amazing time together because Libra provides with fun and excitement with boundless energy into the relationship which may bring joy into the life of Taurus who generally leads a composed and 9 to 6 life.

Taurus my suddenly feel that his/her life has completely changed after the entrance of its Libra partner in his/her life. While, Libra may feel safe and secured because of the protective and practical nature of Taurus. Libra is dynamic and energetic in nature and hence may not like the dominating nature of Taurus which may lead to arguments or differences between the couple. While, it may take time for Taurus to accept the over energetic and dynamic nature of Libra. It may take time to develop their relationship but once it develops it’s a roller coaster ride where both the people would start appreciating and valuing each other.

They both are karmically linked to one another and this is the reason even after many differences, they can become a good couple. Their common interests are art, music, poetry and love for good things in life. They both appreciate intelligence and common sense along with understanding in the relationship. One more thing which also binds them together is their love for food and fine dining. This aspect helps them to explore new places and bond together more. In their relationship Taurus will always appreciate the dynamic and charming nature of Libra while Libra may like the ever so composed and protective nature of Taurus. Libra may also appreciate the sensual nature of Taurus. Their love towards each other and mutual understanding once the relationship develops is one of the important elements in their relationship which keeps their courtship alive. While Libra is an air sign and Taurus being an earth sign, Taurus depends more on practicality and logic while Libra depends a lot on its gut feeling and intellectual exploration.

Taurus is the more possessive partner in the relationship and hence he is the one who is also the protector. Even though sometimes Libra may not like the over possessiveness of Taurus and he/she may feel pressurized in the relationship. Libra’s cool and I don’t care attitude may force Taurus to think that Libra is not serious about their relationship. Hence Libra’s attitude and Taurus’s over possessiveness are one of the major hindrances which may affect their healthy going relationship. One more aspect about their relationship is that Taurus is a fixed sign while Libra is a cardinal sign which means Taurus is stubborn which Libra may not appreciate all the time but to keep the relationship going, Libra has to accept and understand that it is in the nature of Taurus to be stubborn. However, they do have more traits which are common and which blends them together nice. They are highly compatible because while Libra brings much needed excitement, fun and energy in the relationship, Taurus brings stability and practicality which is a good mix from both the partners to create a long and healthy relationship

Taurus Libra One great thing about Taurus Libra compatibility is that it doesn't require too much effort to make it work. This is because both the Taurus and the Libra have so many things in common. Because of this factor, both will find that their relationship comes very naturally and for most couples, it could only get better the longer they've been together.