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Virgo Pisces

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Virgo Pisces

Compatibility of the Organized Virgo and Chaotic Pisces Astrology has long been used and interpreted in relation to people and their characteristics. Astrology is the art of mapping out the stars and other heavenly bodies as reference to individuals on Earth. Astrologers are governed by the principle, “what is above, so is below”. Determined by the date of birth, every individual is supposedly assigned to a Zodiac sign, and is predicted to have personality that is present to most if not all.

Virgo Pisces Compatibility: Personality As the 6th sign in the Zodiac wheel, Virgo is symbolized by the sign of the Virgin. These are the people born on August 23 to September 22. Virgo is known to be the zodiac of the perfectionist.

Virgo Pisces are very practical, intellectual and analytical individuals. They think in a logical manner and takes time before a decision is made. They are organized and considers love to be spiritual and intellectual. The 12th sign in the Zodiac wheel is the Pisces. It is symbolized by two fishes. People who are born between February 19 and March 20 are considered to be a Pisces. They are very sensitive and emotional, very cheerful and sunny.

Virgo Pisces tend to be idealistic and dwell upon dreamy and impressionable, environments and psyche. Most Pisceans are fond of the imaginary and idealistic views as they proceed with productive charity work, religion, meditation and solitude as they become evasive of reality. They are considered to be good listeners and can see from both sides of any perspective. They would consider love as huge drop and the center of their life.

Virgo Pisces

Virgo Pisces Compatibility: Virgo-Man, Pisces-Woman A Virgo man is down-to-earth and is sensible, thinking in a logical and analytical manner. There may be a difficulty in terms of emotional connection since the Virgo man highly thinks in an intellectual perspective as the Pisces woman thinks in an emotional sense. The realistic views of the Virgo man may also cause conflict with a Pisces woman’s idealistic views. This type of relationship may work if both can and would compromise.

Virgo Pisces Compatibility: Virgo-Woman, Pisces-Man A Virgo woman may be attracted to the philosophical views of the Pisces man. She will be attracted to the views of the Pisces man, in his mature and practical way of thinking which grabs opportunities soon as it is available. However, if the Pisces man is more of a daydreamer, the practical approach of the Virgo Pisces may conflict with his views. Complications may arise if plans don’t go the way it is supposed to be for the Virgo woman, because of the idealistic and imaginative view of the Pisces man. In conclusion, the main problem of these two signs is the inability to connect. The Virgo being a perfectionist that lives in an organized life may have conflicts with the chaotic life, the Pisces lives in. This relationship can only be successful if both would put their best effort in keeping it alive. As the theory in physics goes, opposite attracts, which is true in this sense, since Virgo is the opposite of Pisces in the Zodiac wheel.  

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