Astrology compatibility:

Generally, Astrology compatibility between two people is calculated by comparing their zodiac signs but one should understand that comparing only zodiac signs is not enough to have perfect information. There can be many other factors that can be useful to get correct astrology compatibility.

Other than zodiac signs, bodies like ruling planets, fall, Exaltation etc are also responsible for having good or bad astrology compatibility. Position of these and many more bodies in your natal chart can predict how you are going to behave in certain situations or how others will react to your decision. These actions will be responsible in making or breaking of your relationship.

Astrology was first introduced by Babylonians but later it was followed by other countries of world especially by China, India and European countries. They already had some knowledge about it which they mixed with original concept to create their own types of astrology. In ancient times when people used to grow their own food they believed in power of nature. They set good and bad omens and according to it they created basic rules of astrology. Human beings started celebrating their happiness on these omens.

Suppose if two people want to find their astrology compatibility then they will have to consider factors like relationship, health, money, career, study etc. If they want to find out relationship compatibility then they should look out for the position of Venus in their respective astrological natal chart. Venus represents love, attraction and emotions. Similarly if they want to know how successful they will be in their career then they should look for position of Mars. Mars governs the leadership qualities of people. Money is governed by Venus planet.

Here is the list of planets what they symbolize:

  •  Sun: Sun defines the personality of an individual
  • Moon: Moon controls the emotions of an individual
  • Mercury: Mercury controls the communicating abilities of an individual
  • Venus: Venus controls love, feelings and attraction. It also governs the money.
  • Mars: Mars symbolizes passion, desire etc.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter controls the luck of an individual.
  • Saturn: Saturn represents the action, hard work or stability
  • Rahu (Dragon’s head): It governs the power of mind and body.
  • Ketu (Dragon’s tail): It governs the power of soul or self


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